Whiteford Auction Services - Shady Dishonorable Auction Company, False Advertising

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Absolutely horrible, Scandalous and Shady Operators. Spent over $5,000 on pallet lots on what was very falsely advertised as "shelf pulls" from a Kohls and a Kmart.

And typically shelf pulls consist of items not sold during a store closing, and or store display models, or overstock inventory that's cheaper to auction off rather to ship back and reinventory. Well what I received, was nothing but USED, BROKEN, DEFECTIVE items, in which pretty much every single valuable item was in box, with the receipt taped to it stating it was returned due to being defective or damaged. As well as this was in late 2017, ALL items were from early 2014, (from the dates on ALL the defective damaged items) As it was so falsely portrayed as New items, shelf pulls and store displays, for over five thousand dollars, all I received was outdated, old broken, shattered, defective merchandise, and on top of that, completely covered in rodent urine and fieces, even found a dead mouse in one of them as well as all clothes that were in there completely chewed up and what wasn't chewed up and ruined, it was destroyed due to rodent excrement. And after a dressing the preacher man owner himself, failed to take even the most slightest bit of accountability of the completely false advertising and very differing portrayal of the items as described to the garbage on which I received, and they never once tried to make it right with me or really even aan apology.

All i got after sending over 100 of the probably 300 pics I had to verify my claims, was a message to stop harassing him.

Wow, That's quite HONORABLE and RESPECTABLE huh..... Worst Business Transaction and Experience With the most scandalous cowardly shady person I've done business with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clothing.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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